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  • Chapter 16

    Chapter 16

    Now available to read on Royal Road. The second half of Chapter Fifteen’s problem-solving and a further leak on the Directory’s codification of social engineering.

  • Chapter 15

    Chapter 15

    I’ve reached what may be the halfway point of my current Royal Road serial. The link leads to the most recent chapter published, but it’s easy enough to find the beginning if you’re interested. Read it here.

  • Bells + Taxes Chapters One to Ten

    Bells + Taxes Chapters One to Ten

    Beacon is Lit: Ten Chapter milestone on Royal Road.

  • Royal Road

    Royal Road

    I started serializing on Royal Road last week. I’d heard the name for years but had never looked into it. After getting invited to the flop that was Kindle Vella, I learned that I enjoy releasing bits and pieces periodically. I don’t know what it is I’m writing but it’s leaning most to dystopian fantasy.…

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