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These are links I come across while working my day job. This is likely my least visited page and best suited for those that miss the “old internet” of weird shit. There is no gore or porn contained here. I have them organized based on my categorical interests.

Boring Dystopia

Dead Internet Theory

One of my favorites. I hadn’t been able to find a good explanation of this theory, but I shallowly loved the name. This was everything I thought it would be and then it gave me more.
Do you feel like the internet has been gentrified? Do you often find yourself wondering whether you’re arguing with a bot or a paid shill? Do you wonder where all the creators who can be bothered with HTML and CSS have gone? This link may not give you answers, but it will give you haunting questions that hound you for at least a week after reading.

The Black Vault

Someone else is cataloguing all those freaky sky sighting events so you don’t have to.

The Black Vault comes off like a super tin foil site until you realize how far back it’s recordings go. The creator is dedicated and that shows in the content. The archives are not made up of every low energy person’s shaky cell phone footage of a helicopter at night. It’s well vetted, so only inexplicable content lives here. If you love weird that’s the flavor of space and aliens, heres you go.


Quo Vadis 4 Humanity

Pure, unfiltered, raw sourced tin foil.

I love finding sites like these when I’m working and try to hide them from the A.I. nuke targeters, though I’m only one of however many trainers. There is passions here. There is righteous anger. There is straw grasping and there is no sources. If you were born in the late 1980s to early 1990s and like seeing that old flavor, check it out.

Joe Nobody can tell you about the Elan School

Excellent art that truly exhibits comic format expressionism.

I’ve been reading this (FREE) for years now to the point where I feel like I know this guy. But I don’t, and his experiences are wild as well as believable. If you’re fortunate enough to not know that these types of “schools” exist, you likely came from an at least decent (enough) home. The school he writes/ draws about is now shuttered, but it wasn’t the only one and innumberable institutes of the same type litter America. These are the nursing homes for middle class parents to send their children to and I believe that stories like his are shocking now, but could become normal abuses if we keep shrugging off the litter box that is the public school system and way overpowered and VERY WEALTHIER THAN YOU Teachers’ Union (TM). Not because the Publics would dare so far yet, but because there will be more private school established for as long as we allow partisanship and egoists to have the reigns in commoner education.

DOB: Conspiracy Theorist

If you like COINTELPRO, you might like this.

I haven’t dived into the other pockets of this website, I came across this particular page. I’m a sucker for scanner style PDFs of typewritten ~documents~. This page, at least, is not the standard fare served on tin foil. There is alot of content forms, a lot of linkage. This is a warm tea cup on a rain thursday.

Chutes + Ladders

The Internet Archive

The shit we do here is so fleeting. How do we ever save all this evidence of human connection?

With the Internet Archive. Ever used the Wayback Machine to find some spice? Ever longed for some nostalgic ugly site from your childhood? Ever wanted to read the official books of an obscure cult that faded out before 1900? They need support now, and they’re far more useful than Wikipedia ever will be


Who ain’t sick of Google?

I know I [REDACTED]. I’ve been as open as I can about my work in the machine learning mines, but I haven’t [REDACTED]. I’m unfortunately locked in by a rather sinister NDA and [REDACTED]. So if you want a search engine tool that doesn’t [REDACTED] this one seems cool from what I’ve [REDACTED].


This is a book contained in a very easy to navigate blogsite. A bit of contemporary philosophy concerning “meaning”, and its sub-concepts of meaningful and meaningless, as applied to current thoughtscapes.

I’m still not all the way through this one, but I find it an engaging read in times when I feel like the frenzied culture wars are banging at my door. I don’t prefer to engage with most culture war topics since they tend to be too circular and unproductive. This isn’t a book that focuses on those, but the meaning of life in a pestering digital landscape if worth thinking over.

Less Wrong

A massive collective work that explores the concept of rationalism.

Rationalism is a large thing to fit into this small box. Think of a combination of machine learning and predictionism with a little aftertaste of game theory.

Edge of Humanity Magazine

The People’s Art Gallery

An independent art platform that upholds impartiality in the art they allow people to share. Contributors are from all over the world and the website showcase all types of creative media forms.


A Brave New Internet

Urbit is a decentralized personal server platform. The platform seeks to deconstruct the client-server model in favour of a federated network of personal servers in a peer-to-peer network with a consistent digital identity. 

World’s Fair


Looking for weird clothes that you don’t have to sell your bathtub to afford?

I almost never share clothing sites because I almost never buy from them. There will be few pictures of me on this website, but the majority of clothes I buy come from Ebay, because this shit isn’t worth what they’re asking. This spot is neat though, a little too cyberpunk, but they reign is in with their floral and statue prints. Prices are rad, $20-$40 per item, excluding sales which is likely lower. I don’t get money for saying shit like this and I stole the image I used for the link without telling them.

Other Life

A philosophy and tech newletter for the ungovernable.

A newish effort for escaping the corporate forms that have infested so many long reads with concealed ads and heterodox sameness.

The Imperceptible Country

A private network of wild thinkers on the frontier of the dead internet.

“The Imperceptible Society sets sail from algorithmic capture, opting for a private frontier settlement where we focus on slow, careful, original work and building relationships over long periods of time.”

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