Machine Learning Sonnet No. 14

Advancement on the blondes. High dawn rising, with no deposit bonus, Only an offer from you. Blown a fin? Caught another swarm by hand with your great strength? Un ultimo punto. An inspirational woman. Glue felt letters to one computer, to hibernate at fall. That goes to infinity. Hypnosis for business improvement. A hero for... Continue Reading →

Chapter 16

Now available to read on Kindle Vella. The second half of Chapter Fifteen's problem-solving and a further leak on the Directory's codification of social engineering.

Faction Sketch: House Silvia

House Silvia, who almost wasn’t, is the most controversial Old Family house in the Midland zone.  Before the Good Revolution, the House was most known for operating the largest and oldest charitable organization in the nation. The Order of Benevolent Strangers, a charter system of craft and research lodges, with a women’s auxiliary known as... Continue Reading →

Chapter 15

I've reached what may be the halfway point of my current Royal Road serial. The link leads to the most recent chapter published, but it's easy enough to find the beginning if you're interested. Read it here.

Andre Govia

An urban explorer of over twenty-two countries. Govia is an artist who helped to popularize abandonedography. He is also a cinematographer specializing in derelict locations and innovative lighting techniques. Stranger Things is the most well-known project he’s contributed to in this capacity.  Govia collected fifteen years of work into his book Abandoned Planet, published in... Continue Reading →

The Man in the High Castle

Philip K. Dick, 1962 A weird time in which we are alive. We can travel anywhere we want, even to other planets. And for what? To sit day after day, declining in morale and hope. Philip K. Dick The first book I read by Philip Kindred Dick was Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? My... Continue Reading →

Edward Weston

1886 - 1958 20th-century American photographer. He picked up photography at a young age, remarkable considering his time. He quickly moved away from the soft-focus pictorialism that was typical for the era and started making the high-detail images he would become known for. His subject range was increasingly vast, including landscapes, still-lifes, nudes, portraits, genre... Continue Reading →


1937 - Present Bavarian-born environment artist. His career began in the 1960s as a traditional painter in Paris. Soon he left this studio to return to his country home and experiment with the natural environment as art. His career trajectory was elevated in the year 2000 when Peter Gabriel contacted Nils-Udo to make an installation... Continue Reading →

Place Sketch: Cruxham

Cruxham is a small city sprawled over three hills. It is surrounded by the massive Cruxham timberlands, the largest and last remaining in the de-forested Lowlands zone. Unfortunately, the timberlands have not made Cruxham prosperous. Soft evergreens have few uses in building, certainly no high-value ones. Their primary use, and the region’s key export, is... Continue Reading →

The Undiscovered Self

"The forlorn state of consciousness in our world is due primarily to loss of instinct, and the reason for this lies in the development of the human mind over the past aeon. The more power man had over nature, the more his knowledge and skill went to his head, and the deeper became his contempt for the merely natural and accidental, for all irrational data - including the objective psyche, which is everything that consciousness is not."

Machine Learning Sonnet no. 13

Terrible service provided. Was very satisfied of the expense. Seasoned sausage and drain. My inaugural post. Pool and bar image gallery. Many weak men lied. I mod in that category. More well known pattern. Imperfect is what that would truly appreciate them. Potato or tomato? Battle the swinging sheet of an otherwise nice suit. Gross... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet no. 12

Vengeance is here. Whose home is a show. Crawlspace moisture barrier warfare. Type Y to get the ballast switch plate. More shorts for working outside in the local scene. You swag giveaway winner. Hear and see my point. Birch bark canoe. No suggestions for my heat not working? They neither hasten their own breed. Roughly... Continue Reading →

Adam Lupton

1987 - Present, Brooklyn. A living artist working out of NYC. His brushwork combines non-traditional paint applications, printmaking, and stamps, for example, to communicate the artist’s personal experiences in living with obsessive-compulsive disorder and the rituals that make the days.  His website is here.

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 11

No plane ride to take. Finally fixed the comma used After cleaning and brushing her teeth. Second row center. Get his ass handed to you here. It could be life-size. And as reliable as it should. Ram your bumper car into a boat dock. And please appreciate that the president expects us. Please tame me!... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 10

You will pass away today, or you will contact me immediately. The stars are the gift of the streets. Confocal and virtual reality. Amazing day today and it stayed frozen in time. What a personal and famous formula. Profane perfection of thought. With Man standing behind the gate. The finite number in macro. The beautiful... Continue Reading →

Character Sketch: Magdalinda Usher

Magdalinda is the Dowager of House Usher. She may be the only member of the Ancient Regime whose lot was dramatically improved by the Good Revolution.  Magdalinda Usher was born to the lesser branch of House Usher. She grew up at the House’s Spital Fields estate a league away from the Cruxham seat. The First... Continue Reading →

Joseph Magnaini

July 12, 1912 - January 23, 1992 An Italian-born American artist and illustrator. He is best known for his collaborations with Ray Bradbury. I prefer illustration, hand-drawn, over painting most of the time. This is no exception. The dynamism is impeccable.

Blood Meridian

Cormac McCarthy, 1985 War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner. Judge Holden Three hundred and fifty pages of frontier violence and depravity. A novel about the American West that manages to avoid being a Western to the point of Anti. Essentially depicting the lifestyles... Continue Reading →

Urantia: Bureaucracy of the Cosmos

My curiosity in Urantia, (curiosity, not to be mistaken with interest), was entirely due to their very tidy-looking book. I’ve been interested in cult theories, the occult, and all other things arcane or esoteric for a few years now. Most of the books look like they were made by Ren Faire workers. This whole Mystical... Continue Reading →

Character Sketch: Rose Dion

Rose was born the first daughter of House Celeste four years before the start of the Good Revolution. House Celeste was one of two landholding powers in Auview Island. It had been the smaller of them, but not without considerable resources. During the revolution, the House’s few members were arrested on accusations that they had... Continue Reading →

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