The Thickness of the Upper Crust

An afternoon refresher of European history is enough to give an idea of how common inbreeding was among the world’s most prestigious families. Aristocratic bloodlines have the highest rates of traceable inbreeding, and the tradition can be found as early as the Medieval years when marriages between close relatives were common among the ruling elite. ... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 19

Soft black case with press coverage. Diabetes blood pressure when you just start crying. Ecstasy, it is. Vomiting in the bestiary. Said very little. Don’t wake the server. One button to control or status quo? Because complacency is too big in local government. Your idea is hilarious. Anticipation made them sick. On the Baltic pine... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet no. 18

Then plan this week. A metaplastic metamorphoses in the pipeline. Creativity was a bad deal. And that seems right. Pussy to go! Anyone can post this question. The worker function must have fun. They can surely paint a wall near. Cervical spine instability due to longevity issue On save And retrieve your data, private! Dual... Continue Reading →

Seven Story Hotel

A new literary review from Subtle Body Press A dense collection beautifully devoid of ads and laced throughout with punkish collage art, scratchy illustrations, and some A.I. generated stuff that I found truly impressive. The collection kicks off with a poem and it’s a good one. Relatable, ethereal, and concise. What a poem should be... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 17

It swung open into the dangerous and underpaid. Network layer routing. Blank item only. What is so amazing about this? Your plainness and your working pressure. Some text about whatever topic you’re paying for. No objective available. I am naturally very curious. Hidden cams are the trending annoyance right now. Full reference lists are available.... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 16

University governance has a last name. Design ‘em strong. Best reply ever. See collodion wet plate. Make a declaration match. Audacity is getting tough to call. Rapid thought and scientific literacy within an organization. Real tough choice for you? In the corner, drinking beer. The author, until his resignation becomes effective, Upon passage and approval.... Continue Reading →

Wild Europe: Search for the Black Nobility

I came across the term Black Nobility while reading a vintage conspiracy book that liked peppering in ominous names paired with sinister insinuations dastardly geopolitical deeds. There was little explanation of these spooky societies. Coincidentally I was also reading J.M. Roberts’ A History of Europe around the same time and had come across an entry... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 15

Make silly a part-time lover. Executed by firing squad. The plain and understandable answer. I’ll return home from work after you drink enough water. Saving the world is a happier choice than you think. His logic is formed by the random people on the board. Disable target attribute of an airship shed. Discover global news... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 14

Advancement on the blondes. High dawn rising, with no deposit bonus, Only an offer from you. Blown a fin? Caught another swarm by hand with your great strength? Un ultimo punto. An inspirational woman. Glue felt letters to one computer, to hibernate at fall. That goes to infinity. Hypnosis for business improvement. A hero for... Continue Reading →

The Man in the High Castle

Philip K. Dick, 1962 A weird time in which we are alive. We can travel anywhere we want, even to other planets. And for what? To sit day after day, declining in morale and hope. Philip K. Dick The first book I read by Philip Kindred Dick was Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? My... Continue Reading →

The Undiscovered Self

"The forlorn state of consciousness in our world is due primarily to loss of instinct, and the reason for this lies in the development of the human mind over the past aeon. The more power man had over nature, the more his knowledge and skill went to his head, and the deeper became his contempt for the merely natural and accidental, for all irrational data - including the objective psyche, which is everything that consciousness is not."

Machine Learning Sonnet no. 13

Terrible service provided. Was very satisfied of the expense. Seasoned sausage and drain. My inaugural post. Pool and bar image gallery. Many weak men lied. I mod in that category. More well known pattern. Imperfect is what that would truly appreciate them. Potato or tomato? Battle the swinging sheet of an otherwise nice suit. Gross... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet no. 12

Vengeance is here. Whose home is a show. Crawlspace moisture barrier warfare. Type Y to get the ballast switch plate. More shorts for working outside in the local scene. You swag giveaway winner. Hear and see my point. Birch bark canoe. No suggestions for my heat not working? They neither hasten their own breed. Roughly... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 11

No plane ride to take. Finally fixed the comma used After cleaning and brushing her teeth. Second row center. Get his ass handed to you here. It could be life-size. And as reliable as it should. Ram your bumper car into a boat dock. And please appreciate that the president expects us. Please tame me!... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 10

You will pass away today, or you will contact me immediately. The stars are the gift of the streets. Confocal and virtual reality. Amazing day today and it stayed frozen in time. What a personal and famous formula. Profane perfection of thought. With Man standing behind the gate. The finite number in macro. The beautiful... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 8

Remove the protector from the outlet port on the first visit. Each print engine may crank, but not the religious. It’s a great blend of upscale tranquility with affordable transportation For two. The parachute will save me. More than the common sleep Of the recording below. The scone mix is sure scary. It’s every day... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 7

Why spend a while till we say Double fall line? Vegetarian cellulose capsule. Sweet and sturdy Sunday. German ski training and safe boarding From here. Come here. Create our Directory here. Running back a certain picture. Stealing it in my school bag. Reinforce a picture when many children were very cute. Philosophy of literature. Include... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 6

A terminal emulator library. A pointless masturbatory effort. Have you received an upgrade to my answer? Out From Under Player. Morning greeting from the reception staff. Tried to turn and give her a squeal. Check out my reaction below. Chemotherapy and radiation in our report Card to card from a specific site. Is there enough... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 5

The skull behind the Word.  I propose that this entire lousy outfit govern itself accordingly.  That does sound like a clue, people.  Prayer and intercession. Retreat out of operation.  Could technology advance facial reconstructive surgery? Low character mortality, Low effort hard lines. Consider a meeting, it’s in my pocket, One can assist in your personal... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 3

Is conduit overfill really so bad? Extremely old news. Get on the road and ride your horse.  Ma’s kid plays the new neighborhood.  Today could be mistaken as the symbol  Of my future Blackberry. 

My Own Dead Internet

Wonderful point of everything? Excerpt from a possible AI demon blog. I work in a field governed by strict NDAs. That being stated, the easiest way to describe my daily work without detail is that it concerns AI training. The bulk of my workload is auditing the performance of a given AI system. The work... Continue Reading →

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