Andre Govia

An urban explorer of over twenty-two countries. Govia is an artist who helped to popularize abandonedography. He is also a cinematographer specializing in derelict locations and innovative lighting techniques. Stranger Things is the most well-known project he’s contributed to in this capacity.  Govia collected fifteen years of work into his book Abandoned Planet, published in... Continue Reading →


1937 - Present Bavarian-born environment artist. His career began in the 1960s as a traditional painter in Paris. Soon he left this studio to return to his country home and experiment with the natural environment as art. His career trajectory was elevated in the year 2000 when Peter Gabriel contacted Nils-Udo to make an installation... Continue Reading →

Agim Sulaj, painter

Uomo E Natura Uomo Chiuso Escape Agim Sulaj is an Albanian painter born in the late summer of 1960. His style has elements of surrealism, photorealism, and hyper-realism. Sulaj has lived in Rimini Italy since 1990 and continues to paint.

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