Deborah Davidson

Contemporary artist residing in California.  Davidson's art style is heavily influenced by nature and the environment around her. She draws inspiration from the shapes and forms found in landscapes, plants, and animals. Her artworks often feature abstract interpretations of these natural elements. One of Davidson's signature techniques is layering. She builds up multiple layers of... Continue Reading →

Paul Benney

Self-taught Painter Born in London in May of 1959. Moved to New York City in the early eighties where he was a prominent figure in the downtown Neo-expressionist scene. Today his work is shown at the Met, the Brooklyn Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Whimsical and sublime, his paintings reward the attentive viewer.... Continue Reading →

Vladimir Kozhuhar

Contemporary painter and graphic artist. Born 1968 in Odessa. Kozhuhar's subjects depict everyday scenes of city life, sports, and eroticism. His painting have a refreshing lack of pretentiousness. The imagery is evocative, with the harsher edges of expressionism and the fluidity of classical impressionism.

Cinen Von Catlien

Contemporary artist living in Istanbul. An autodidactic surrealist artist who depicts esoteric themes of the psychic states and matters of spirit using elements of illustration, fine line, and portrait panels.  Her work can be viewed and supported on several platforms, but I found her on

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