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Synopsis for Bells + Taxes

Here’s the synopsis I’ve written so far for the Bells series. I’ll probably change it three more times before I’m happy again. Always goes that way.

The territory of Palmetto, ragged and mean, was once the banishing lands for the kings of the Old World. In that sea of hills they exiled their enemies, their upstarts, the deposed tyrants and rebels who came too close. Ancient prisons emptied their depths into Palmetto. Persecuted tribes fled to the refuge of its hideaway valleys. 

After a century and some, the land of Palmetto had evolved into a patchwork of flimsy feudalism, cult compounds, and grift economies. The merchant princes, having built some gleam of stability, reached out to the Old World’s new kings for help in raising the orderly sword of bureaucracy. The event known as the Papercut Revolution closed the First Era. The new dawn rose on The Directory, who took the yoke of power into their responsible hands and began to bring forth their Good Era. 

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