The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 6

A terminal emulator library.
A pointless masturbatory effort.
Have you received an upgrade to my answer?
Out From Under Player.
Morning greeting from the reception staff. Tried to turn and give her a squeal. Check out my reaction below.

Chemotherapy and radiation in our report
Card to card from a specific site.
Is there enough Human Motion for a rally?
Blasting off again!

Sam posts his first real conundrum. 
The fire and ice of choosing both a wireless keyboard and a track pad.
Just get the tissue of the manifest file,
How is that not obvious?
Itchy skin is a common usage scenario,
It is so good for marketing and ads.

Very hospitable people.
The power cable is properly plugged in.
The Federal definition of love is untold. 
Now laughter is a serious debt.
Glenn is getting itchy, but look at his hot pink clutch!
Cam on ban.
Sacked or not, you can get adequate chromium from your favorite toy in the training session.

Custom finished brightwork. 
Excellent images, these will work properly again. 
If tomorrow really does spring. 
Hold off the lake. 
Do fear and do distress.
Smelling good from a bad rough, with painful exclamation.

Try smoothing that spike, baby!
Bet you wore that old remarkable dress.
But did you punish yourself less?
Carmen was known to all of man!
Medium turquoise met the wing ring yellow,
And found the safe way to succeed.
Now the Japanese have invented kissing machines. 

Really, none come to my cave now.
Indifferent to this diet. 
All oil in the gridiron. 
Snake venom wine. 
To police vigilance or ignorance?
Neither, you steer towards hate. 
The something of interest below. 
The validation message bubble is the brand. 
Ending pain is essential, we’re in the spring of the test probe. 
They’re not touching you.
They’re not touching you.
Now go ahead and share your little sailor, baby.
Is it incredible, or what?

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