The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 7

Why spend a while till we say
Double fall line?
Vegetarian cellulose capsule. 
Sweet and sturdy Sunday.
German ski training and safe boarding
From here. 

Come here.
Create our Directory here. 
Running back a certain picture. 
Stealing it in my school bag. 
Reinforce a picture when many children were very cute.
Philosophy of literature.
Include video tutorial.
Add theme interface,
Select into him.
Just now I found out what I felt while you eat. 
A stick of gum disease.
Then through ambush they will love.
Killer of men. 
Journal nearly ready. 

Our economic and corporate mural experience. 
Nudge is our art. 
Republican soul searching. 
Is zoning the cause, or does it lessen the impact?
Skip over banner and go deep.
Domain alias not found!
An input text field component. 
Ballet or hip pain?
Gin soaked barroom queen.
Rock your body. 

Gas engine races idle.
Totally secure bookings were promised. 
But learning science is far from love. 
Its cellulose character is copied from one page,
To the next star,
To the next napkin.
Unlike fine wine. 
But, ah well,
The image panel will be expected to present
Hard evidence of unintelligent abiogenesis. 
So aardvark up and energize.
Cum and get exposure. 
Leave the toilet bowl,
Leave the club to go fishing right outside in the parking lot.
Horror and ghost story collector. 

And few remember. 

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