The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 8

Remove the protector from the outlet port on the first visit. 
Each print engine may crank, but not the religious. 
It’s a great blend of upscale tranquility with affordable transportation 
For two. 
The parachute will save me.
More than the common sleep 
Of the recording below. 

The scone mix is sure scary. 
It’s every day for me. 
I must not steal. 
I can not play.
Strong quarterly earnings information
Is erased from the inflammation.

George made it illegal not to visit thee. 
Right back up for casual dressing.
Free application, security setup, dual camera video.
Liberty in literature.
Accepted for publication. 
There’s a press conference that needs dealing with.

Being born again as soon as possible. 
The armhole in the most recent fight. 
Address all correspondence to geography. 
Maintain active medication list. 
Minimize potential economic dislocation during the rally. 
But three times. 

Post reply please.
Wear me out. 
Is your Mercedes going young?
Is it the cylinder head clearance?
Is your sleeping partner considered a part time venture?
Maybe a chronic illness or disability. 
All gluten free. 

Prove that point. 
The railroad is his plan.
No more of the upholstered lounge chair. 
No more of the framed photograph of an unknown personality.
Undo an act.
First spread the frosting, then stitch the button down blouse. 

Finally getting some heat. 

The whole island will be at that conference. 
Even ink distribution. 
Keep doing that.
Until that typical ship horn sound,
When the simulation is done. 
Nuclear fission is like my baby. 

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