The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 9

Blackboard maintenance restart complete,
And return predictability. 
Since day one, in historical perspective.

Cyclamen is out. 
Laser-printed damask stripes are in. 
Join your local today!

Administration Control Panel. 
Mostly surveillance,
And power up to earn your day. 
A coded style package for the 
Most discerning gentlemen. 

Understand weed control. 
Brett was being kept busy at the restaurant. 
Bagman beamed and waved her back. 
In yon green hill do dwell. 
Interesting alternative to smoking?
Hi gas face!

Can trigger a map so far. 
Experience camaraderie beyond the intellect,
It’s far better. 
Making business casual for sure. 
Does endurance exercise do enough?

Could wet nursing make a gremlin on the world.
Come look around.
Neonatal screening nationwide. 
Ring stole second. 
Our coach is sold!
Though sometimes a result,
It does when she has begun. 
At the illustrator and art workshop. 

My longer take on it. 
Very cleverly done. 
Dumb like a puppy. 
Custom length can be combined. 
Can enhance the figure. 
The renter must be forever yours. 
It’s too late for a possible entrepreneurship. Far too late. 

Bounce help please!
Can beauty alone make life an adventure in adult offspring?
Republic or monarchy?
The bubble bloats over this town. 
Transmogrification is an opportunity.
It will be featured in our nation. 
The default logging detail level,
Without every knowing the best class. 
Perhaps these might convince you. 
There is resource management for building muscle.
Prepare the sugar syrup. 

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