The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 10

You will pass away today, or you will contact me immediately. 
The stars are the gift of the streets. 
Confocal and virtual reality.
Amazing day today and it stayed frozen in time. 

What a personal and famous formula. 
Profane perfection of thought. 
With Man standing behind the gate. 
The finite number in macro.
The beautiful long exposure. 

A new house!
Another style of furniture, softwood shuffle.
Motor inverted in this living is more dense. 
Who to follow but each other?
And welcome back to hospital after suffering the perfectionist syndrome. 

Turning debt into focus.
Hello, what kind of proposal should this be?
What will make it so interesting and healthy and beautiful?
A philosophy for everyone. 

Wimp is one dose into a confused tank. 
Every dance with porridge down pants?
For me.
Just agree.
Forge the sensational homemade pie dough,
While here in Bedford we are laughing. 

They worked hard for her kitty house. 
Still it tilted toward trouble. 
Knit and felt fine. 
Spark of life!
A lowland region saturated with vinegar solution. 
Must one trample the injured,
Or approach aggressively,
To better support you?
My luckless hitman has made no mention
Of desire in text. 

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