The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 11

No plane ride to take.
Finally fixed the comma used
After cleaning and brushing her teeth.
Second row center. 
Get his ass handed to you here. 
It could be life-size.
And as reliable as it should. 

Ram your bumper car into a boat dock.
And please appreciate that the president expects us. 
Please tame me!
Widespread or single with an elevator.
Imperfect is the precious metal clasp. 
The tube will be given more privacy. 

Have a quick question. 
A peacemaker’s speed is increasing. 

Each label and legend must have experience. 
Is forward search meant to find?
Exclusion criteria may not total.
Due to corrosion.

Used up valet parking available. 
Wow, this is cool now. 
Kids eat free. 
Reduce paper use. 
Sure, go ahead, appreciate the outdoor dew point temperature. 
On unreprievable condemned blood. 
October was used during pregnancy. 

Very hardly upon 
Such additional or newly discovered 
Viral genome change
Where he once had a dune buggy 
And the race to gain some weight. 

Ember Isle trailer.
Honduran sham election.
Good selective herbicide. 
Arroyo under fire globally. 
End military turn. 

Helen of Troy broke down during your childhood. 
With a blade guard for flush cutting. 
Saint Peter looks West.

Believable fan fiction. 
Location for me? Don’t know.
She couldn’t count.
And the buttons are useless. 
And I know no method of internal reset. 

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