The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet no. 12

Vengeance is here. 
Whose home is a show. 
Crawlspace moisture barrier warfare. 
Type Y to get the ballast switch plate. 

More shorts for working outside in the local scene.
You swag giveaway winner.
Hear and see my point. 
Birch bark canoe. 

No suggestions for my heat not working?
They neither hasten their own breed. 
Roughly speaking,
How bad is this kid for her secret?

Journalism training,
Without the necessity and purpose in life.
What civil war?

Sewage basin location. 
His kinsman and companion in cold
Searching for the ice rink. 

I yell a lot. 
Super fair and always accessible. 
America building an epic fantasy, coming soon. 
Get medieval with your plan.

Ground level access. 
About wood fired be?
Finally not that clean. 
Peck and peck and peck and peck around for full size. 

Send creativity a form today. 
Can you fall?
To minimum exposure time?
Holding it carefully into your lift chair
That might temper down the kitchen range. 

Keeping at it.
Eat food cold or there are too many.
Spring clearance sale.
And convenient is not futile. 

Not related to content faucet. 
Ease my pain. 
Small, lightweight, and compact. 
But with a huge swimming pool.

Anyone beta this and write daily!
A legal kiss is never sexy. 

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