The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet no. 13

Terrible service provided.
Was very satisfied of the expense. 
Seasoned sausage and drain.
My inaugural post.

Pool and bar image gallery. 
Many weak men lied. 
I mod in that category. 
More well known pattern.

Imperfect is what that would truly appreciate them. 
Potato or tomato?
Battle the swinging sheet of an otherwise nice suit. 
Gross hourly earnings excluding overtime are used appropriately. 

A kinship navigator program. 
One hair elastic. 
Directed individual project
In the rural air. 

Change engine oil to creamy. 
Was welfare reform made to affect me?
Stock numbers are told to me by some expert. 
Firmer tip section,
And then complain. 

Excitement around the can.
Stay there as well, my classy mog.
Burlap wrapped canvas but the last thread is impossible.
The last house of nine. 

Nothing mediocre about this open thread
Is embarrassing.

New bracket out soon. 
Try on at home. 
Running as nobody on it. 
He did not list and share how this trigonometric inequality related to cheerfulness.

Immunization information must be the written word.
Testing your home with a photo competition. 
Another incarnation for a Halloween party
With all the food. 

May be now we can’t absorb. 

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