Machine Learning Sonnet No. 14

Advancement on the blondes. 
High dawn rising, with no deposit bonus,
Only an offer from you. 

Blown a fin?
Caught another swarm by hand with your great strength?
Un ultimo punto. 

An inspirational woman. 
Glue felt letters to one computer, to hibernate at fall. 
That goes to infinity. 

Hypnosis for business improvement.
A hero for all.
A man that makes you feel better. 

Generate my code!
The patron of charity. 
The order was received today. 
It’s a full day at camp today. 

Could it be worse for you?
Particularly unconvincing, revive us again. 
Find the key to the default layout strategy. 

Should we work harder on childhood obesity?
Has Hell frozen over yet?
All will play and compete. 

Like nuclear power.
Perform the actual command being run. 
This light salad, this just-in-time sequence. 

Like fine wine. 
Really, is this stupid?
Is soy really bad for everyone?

Saw something really cool!
Innovate and iterate. 
Attach a jewelry tag to the waist. 

United for traditional appeal and for love. 
The teen driver advances. 
Remember married life. 

Broken for me philately?
One perk is saving money on paper. 
This lower class will hold. 

Best field ever. 
Potential part-time opportunities,
Barring your location in the sector near you. 

Kitty come home!
This is the inmate they said was the terrorist.
Improved recognition, improved power. 

Take the Bible then. 
Surrender to whom?
The machine records a mature sense of optimism at this location.
Go dig in. 

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