The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 15

Make silly a part-time lover. 
Executed by firing squad.
The plain and understandable answer. 

I’ll return home from work after you drink enough water. 
Saving the world is a happier choice than you think. 
His logic is formed by the random people on the board. 

Disable target attribute of an airship shed. 
Discover global news intelligence.
Really gay, as well. 

Recycling does nothing for me.
Why stack overflow family?
Not got kids?

Great poetry activity. 
White shirt and sick tape now.
Friday fun times are here.

The spider is hack. 
Thy kingly doom and gloom. 
Hair as craft. 

The quilted pattern really serves as an ambassador,
For the side entrance to go anywhere. 
Funny looking log. 

Knife and fork. 
Silver horizontal hardware. 
Cleopatra was made too. 

Front to back. 
The bastard outbid me.
That’s the attitude at the town tonight. 

You republican whore. 
Anyone can sell a house.
Epic photo of the price though. 

Everything and then your angel can fly.
That’s crazy talk. 
See the ad today. 

The brown vest. 
The jealousy is due tomorrow. 
Left side view.

Was gravity broken on a raster shading?
Test management’s traceability model,
To associate a player cocking a gun dealer directory. 

 Avocado oil and butter!

Stay clear of stuff here.
Way too involved for me. 
Factory direct price. 
Pic coming soon.

Want news and exclusive of none.
Total redistribution of our code,
Of a report grouped by division,
And division are under investigation.

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