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Faction Sketch: House Cymbelline

The seated estate of Endcliff, the oldest metropolis in the Highland zone.

The Cymbellines have historically been known as an eccentric and reclusive family. They have nonetheless been at the center of scandal and wild speculation. For several centuries, the odds of a Cymbelline reaching old age was nearly fifty-fifty. The house was plagued by precarious stairwells, sudden and incurable disease, outright poisoning, and more than a couple of gruesome murders. 

Rendering of the now collapsed grand hall.

The family’s wealth is old, and few of its generative industries remain today. They continue to hold the rail lines and the attached labor schools. They also retain a theater circuit, though the number of their venues has shrunk down to only those located in the Highland cities. The prestige of these institutions had faded considerably and today they are known for the nauseating spectacles put on by nameless experimental directors. 

Interior of the Endcliff Play House

The House’s leadership has recently been held in a state of suspension due to the ongoing investigation of the former patriarch’s demise. Mortimer dropped dead while descending the front stair of his estate. The family and their few staff members had little information to give. When interviewed they stated that he’d had no enemies and only a small but trusted circle of friends. They said he had never complained of his health or had need of a doctor, but that cigars and liquor were a common part of his daily diet. The investigation was nearly shelved until the confession of a young drudge who had been in the garden when Mortimer fell. She claimed to have been close enough to hear him say, “She’s done it,” just before the life went out of him. The maid could not be found again after the initial interview. 

Cassandra Cymbelline, daughter of Mortimer and Cora

The statement brought renewed interest to the women of the house, Mortimer’s widow in particular. Cora has been unhelpful and at times hostile toward the investigation efforts. An interview with the couple’s eldest, their daughter Cassandra informed the Directory of the distance in their relationship. When asked if there had been any disagreements or tension between her parents, the girl informed the interviewers that her parents hardly spoke to each other, and that she herself hadn’t seen them together in at least four years. 

Cora Cymbelline, Mortimer’s widow, with her sister-in-law Thessia.

The investigation has not succeeded in finding clear evidence of any wrongdoing on Cora’s part, though it has kept her from assuming the regency of the house while her son waits for his inheritance. The issue has been doubly strained by perennial crises over the same son’s union contract. 

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