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Machine Learning Sonnet No. 16

University governance has a last name.
Design ‘em strong.
Best reply ever. 

See collodion wet plate. 
Make a declaration match.
Audacity is getting tough to call.

Rapid thought and scientific literacy within an organization. 
Real tough choice for you?
In the corner, drinking beer. 

The author, until his resignation becomes effective,
Upon passage and approval. 
Worst serial killer on an as needed basis. 

Surviving residency one stitch at the boss.
Find finding the success you want. 
Find finding yourself.

Bad men are dogs. 
Thief in the passenger side. 
A margarita and another added to brass tax anyway.
And beautiful hair more than helmet hair.

Are you keeping in shape during your downtime?
Purple money dishwasher.
Rally downtown tomorrow. 

Waterproof document pocket. 
As simple as keeping on track. 
Descend from sky!

Reasonable tuition for free.
And lift it to the upper class. 
Add unique and cool.

Data without context is handy. 
Try tempting me with thy grace.
Great food with flavor. 

Backup utility to amplify the college experience.
It’s difficult to realize someday that he too was wrong.
Purgatory is so silly.

Detachable vertical and horizontal. 
People today just use oil. 
No test because of a claim by the system. 

Tommy should worry about profit. 
Urine should be landslide territory. 
Play and enjoy. 

The subscription will not transfer the blame around. 
But the video is sure worth watching!
Playback, playback. 

It’s gotten this bad. 

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