The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 17

It swung open into the dangerous and underpaid.
Network layer routing.
Blank item only. 
What is so amazing about this?

Your plainness and your working pressure. 
Some text about whatever topic you’re paying for.
No objective available. 
I am naturally very curious. 

Hidden cams are the trending annoyance right now.
Full reference lists are available. 
Yet the anger is funny. 
Speed test, please. 

Let housing lead the continuous spectrum,
And spectral analysis to come. 
All too oily. 
The punishment must be brief.

An injury every season.
Congenital and acquired immunity.
Lolly lolly let me correct myself. 
It’s a bathroom barn door disaster.

A squeak in the panhandle. 
Sculptural filigree hair!
Fallacy will get out,
In the arena this year. 

High shall our purpose be.
The Goodwill appliance donation. 
Awesome contraption.
Add plumbing for both soccer and the daughter and mine. 

Happy be you!
Nice granny interracial video.
Less men remain.
So we’ll add puree to the milk casein.

Inexpensive blotting paper. 
An unconventional way to succeed,
When you acquired the support for language
And a vegetable plot. 

Mine would love watching this year.
Is parenthood artless?
Important for cell membrane integrity and safety.
Dare to not stay shut. 

Premium braided shielding,
For a periodic table expert?
Prentice told the manager to handle bathroom life
With us.

On saltatory conduction faster than cotton.
I married him. 
I made good food fight. 
With dissenting opinion. 

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