Machine Learning Sonnet no. 18

Then plan this week.
A metaplastic metamorphoses in the pipeline. 
Creativity was a bad deal. 
And that seems right. 

Pussy to go!
Anyone can post this question.
The worker function must have fun.
They can surely paint a wall near. 

Cervical spine instability due to longevity issue 
On save
And retrieve your data, private!

Dual locking suction handle.
You sent a message
Please tell me your travel experience.
Kent, here, sit down. 

Pi can be removed on demand. 
So the vain can die. 
Maleis anhydride adduct
Butadiene styrene.

See the rehearsal schedule?
The grizzly cost.
It’s not real to add something.
But definitely serve hot. 

Apple plum for me.
Until somehow
Your soul pours out some
To understand anyone else.

Scrum in a bone marrow transplant. 
Like h in hay. 
For which country?
For Conduct Market Research. 

Placebo vehicle
For subcutaneous injection.
For fresh water. 
For materiality and aesthetic effect. 

Evidence is very chic. 
Let one of collaboration 
Function in play here. 

Free parking
Adjacent to your younger enterprise. 
Do carry on.
Until your screen goes black. 

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