Place Sketch: Old Citing Falls

A large metropolis of Lantern Parish. Its southeastern edge is marked by the Crown Lighthouse at Cape Rowdy. At the city center stands the historic Three Flowers Temple. Across the street is the Elizabet Greenhouse, one hundred acres in size and open to the public. 

The city is financially well-off, but a tradition of corruption has kept it from being wealthy. Civic development is rare and the costs of public services are likely inflated. Old Citing has often been the most expensive city in the Midlands departement. However, the crime rate has been in steep decline for several decades. Employment opportunities are abundant and the steady job market makes the wage workers of Old Citing the highest paid of the Midland cities. 

The Elizabet Public Greenhouses

Most of the city’s architecture is in the traditional Craftsmen style of the early guild merchants. There are few satellite villages and none are distinctly removed from the city core. These are enclaves of the Juner minority population. A common complaint among residents has been the second era of architectural style employed in modern constructions. The ill-fitting, gaudily detailed megaliths were built in a handful of weeks. 

Traditional Guild Craftsman.

The population is large but has begun to decrease for the first time in recent years as freedom of movement was opened up between Old Citing and Auview. Interestingly, surveys show an increase in dissatisfaction with the general way of life among Citing citizens since that same time. This could be credited both to favoring Auview as well as distaste of the influx of strangers coming in to browse the plentiful job market. 

Land governance is held by House Silvia while civic governance is managed by the Pearl Hall assembly. 

The Crown Lighthouse

The series can be read here.

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