Machine Learning Sonnet No. 19

Soft black case with press coverage. 
Diabetes blood pressure when you just start crying. 
Ecstasy, it is. 
Vomiting in the bestiary.
Said very little. 
Don’t wake the server.
One button to control or status quo?

Because complacency is too big in local government.
Your idea is hilarious. 
Anticipation made them sick. 
On the Baltic pine side board,
Suitable for cabana boy therapy. 

A blackguard may have my interest up so far. 
Place cream in it. 
While I’m still job hunting. 
Cover their mouth, it is. 

World situation is clearer. 
External bleed to cleanse itself. 
Expensive, it is.
For hosting this challenge. 

Song for today!
A strength training site with video controller.
Just saved the human existence and did not spend more federal money out. 
Simple code to me, that is. 

Partially educated people have sympathy for science.
O, deceitful tongue.
My scroll wheel but given as an alternative,
A backup suffix for the documentary is back.

Flower greet you. 
Why the longer wait after giving birth?
Did you ride a bicycle last week?

Regardless, with the lion,
Than the selection you want to.
Heat olive oil.
Graze on this. 

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