Character Sketch: Marty Silvia

Marty Silvia hails from a distinguished family and holds the esteemed position of the heir to the House Silvia. Given his privileged background, he was expected to conform to elevated standards right from his early years. His upbringing was a reflection of his status, characterized by a strict regimen and parental expectations that left no room for complacency.

Marty appears to be someone who keeps secrets to himself, not wanting to burden others with them. His life has been defined by unfulfilled love and social taboos, as he tries to meet the expectations of his inherited position. Deep down, Marty struggles with his conflicting desires for individuality and belonging within the traditional Old Family System.

Those who know him would describe him as charming and engaging. He enjoys socializing and is often the life of the party. Though his face doesn’t betray it, Marty is an attentive observer of behavior. However, this is only during his sociable periods. Other times are spent in perennial despair, deep loneliness, self-medication well into the point of addiction, and obnoxious romantic scandals.

Marty’s beauty and competitive nature have allowed him to get away with a lot. While his friends view him as discreet, flirtatious, and unselfish, his enemies know him as catty, jealous, and resentful. Although he may hold doors open for strangers, he is also known to throw very public fits when a waiter serves him a drink with ice. Marty’s negative traits become even more pronounced following his younger brother’s sensational and unlikely yet successful marriage.

Old Citing, seat of House Silvia

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