Paul Benney

Self-taught Painter Born in London in May of 1959. Moved to New York City in the early eighties where he was a prominent figure in the downtown Neo-expressionist scene. Today his work is shown at the Met, the Brooklyn Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Whimsical and sublime, his paintings reward the attentive viewer.... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 5

The skull behind the Word.  I propose that this entire lousy outfit govern itself accordingly.  That does sound like a clue, people.  Prayer and intercession. Retreat out of operation.  Could technology advance facial reconstructive surgery? Low character mortality, Low effort hard lines. Consider a meeting, it’s in my pocket, One can assist in your personal... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 3

Is conduit overfill really so bad? Extremely old news. Get on the road and ride your horse.  Ma’s kid plays the new neighborhood.  Today could be mistaken as the symbol  Of my future Blackberry. 

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