The Fancy Times

Fine Slop for the Discerning Tastemaker

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 5

The skull behind the Word. 

I propose that this entire lousy outfit govern itself accordingly. 

That does sound like a clue, people.  Prayer and intercession. Retreat out of operation. 

Could technology advance facial reconstructive surgery?
Low character mortality, 
Low effort hard lines. 
Consider a meeting, it’s in my pocket,
One can assist in your personal spirituality. 

How central we are. 
Light chiffon stretch lining
The clear vision. 
So done with purpose.
Strategic trade policy reform. 
My fucking dream job.
Embracing ourselves tightly
As We are back.

One aspect that needs attention now?
Happy house maintenance!
Nationality is inconsequential.
This week it will all be worth it, yes?

Fully alive and doing your part!
Another stain?
Another latching on to feelings,
To how you troll. 
Paver with a data load. 

Serial science soap opera. 
Turned away on windy days. 
Making jam.
Selecting ads for our showroom. 

Central to this business?
Our game goes on. 
Manage high blood pressure. 
Study Strongyloides ratio in mice. 
Charlotte will be smothered, mate. 
And you can only access this server by host build environment.

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