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  • Vladimir Kozhuhar

    Vladimir Kozhuhar

    Contemporary painter and graphic artist. Born 1968 in Odessa. Kozhuhar’s subjects depict everyday scenes of city life, sports, and eroticism. His painting have a refreshing lack of pretentiousness. The imagery is evocative, with the harsher edges of expressionism and the fluidity of classical impressionism.

  • David Matingly

    David Matingly

    American illustrator, born June of 1956. Matingly got into art in childhood with matte painting, a discipline that was once used in film-making to create the illusion of environment. These were done using paints or pastels on large sheets of glass.  After dropping out of art school he took a job at Disney Studios. His…

  • Ma Propre Merde.

    Ma Propre Merde.

    A break from my betters. Showing off my own stuff for compliments, ridicule, or ambivalent crickets. I wasted some money on art school when I was super young. I dropped the habit after I dropped the school for the most part and didn’t pick it up until a few years ago. Not from some bougie…

  • Smith & Wesson’s First .44 Double Action

    Smith & Wesson’s First .44 Double Action

    1881 – 1913 Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson founded the Smith & Wesson Company in Norwich, Connecticut in 1852 for the development of the Volcanic rifle. Smith & Wesson Company was renamed Volcanic Repeating Arms in 1855 and soon sold to Oliver Winchester.  In 1856, when Samuel Colt’s patent on the revolver was due…

  • Andre Govia

    Andre Govia

    An urban explorer of over twenty-two countries. Govia is an artist who helped to popularize abandonedography. He is also a cinematographer specializing in derelict locations and innovative lighting techniques. Stranger Things is the most well-known project he’s contributed to in this capacity.  Govia collected fifteen years of work into his book Abandoned Planet, published in…

  • Edward Weston

    Edward Weston

    1886 – 1958 20th-century American photographer. He picked up photography at a young age, remarkable considering his time. He quickly moved away from the soft-focus pictorialism that was typical for the era and started making the high-detail images he would become known for. His subject range was increasingly vast, including landscapes, still-lifes, nudes, portraits, genre…

  • Nils-Udo


    1937 – Present Bavarian-born environment artist. His career began in the 1960s as a traditional painter in Paris. Soon he left this studio to return to his country home and experiment with the natural environment as art. His career trajectory was elevated in the year 2000 when Peter Gabriel contacted Nils-Udo to make an installation…

  • Adam Lupton

    Adam Lupton

    1987 – Present, Brooklyn. A living artist working out of NYC. His brushwork combines non-traditional paint applications, printmaking, and stamps, for example, to communicate the artist’s personal experiences in living with obsessive-compulsive disorder and the rituals that make the days.  His website is here.

  • Joseph Magnaini

    Joseph Magnaini

    July 12, 1912 – January 23, 1992 An Italian-born American artist and illustrator. He is best known for his collaborations with Ray Bradbury. I prefer illustration, hand-drawn, over painting most of the time. This is no exception. The dynamism is impeccable.

  • Cinen Von Catlien

    Cinen Von Catlien

    Contemporary artist living in Istanbul. An autodidactic surrealist artist who depicts esoteric themes of the psychic states and matters of spirit using elements of illustration, fine line, and portrait panels.  Her work can be viewed and supported on several platforms, but I found her on

  • Basil Gogos

    Basil Gogos

    Basil Gogos was a painter best known for his work on horror-themed magazine covers in the 1960s. He was born in Egypt and immigrated to the United States as a teen with his parents. He studied at the Art Students League of New York and the School of Visual Arts. His work appeared on the…

  • Capetown Ranch, 1960s

    Capetown Ranch, 1960s

    A vintage illustration of a ranch style home in Capetown, the legislative capitol of South Africa. Era is 1960s. I’ve been obsessed with homes that have middle courtyards since I was a child. The nicest houses I have ever been to in Louisiana all had them. With their lined bricks and contained explosions of flamboyant…

  • Agim Sulaj, painter

    Agim Sulaj, painter

    Agim Sulaj is an Albanian painter born in the late summer of 1960. His style has elements of surrealism, photorealism, and hyper-realism. Sulaj has lived in Rimini Italy since 1990 and continues to paint.

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