Deborah Davidson

Contemporary artist residing in California. 

Davidson’s art style is heavily influenced by nature and the environment around her. She draws inspiration from the shapes and forms found in landscapes, plants, and animals. Her artworks often feature abstract interpretations of these natural elements. One of Davidson’s signature techniques is layering. She builds up multiple layers of paint or pastel to create depth and texture in her pieces. Her artworks are known for their vibrant colors, bold strokes, and intricate textures. The themes and inspirations in her work are often derived from nature, the cosmos, and the human psyche. 

“This body of work is about mysterious places that, when we go to them, we feel connected with the universe. There, nature is the physical manifestation of emotion, magic, and grace. Jung once described the possible phenomenon of an intelligent and responsive universe, one that acts and reacts in our interest. I am reminded of a power outside myself and that something sacred, rather than merely physical, is at work.”

Artist’s Statement

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