Chapter 16

Now available to read on Kindle Vella. The second half of Chapter Fifteen's problem-solving and a further leak on the Directory's codification of social engineering.

Chapter 15

I've reached what may be the halfway point of my current Royal Road serial. The link leads to the most recent chapter published, but it's easy enough to find the beginning if you're interested. Read it here.

Character Sketch: Magdalinda Usher

Magdalinda is the Dowager of House Usher. She may be the only member of the Ancient Regime whose lot was dramatically improved by the Good Revolution.  Magdalinda Usher was born to the lesser branch of House Usher. She grew up at the House’s Spital Fields estate a league away from the Cruxham seat. The First... Continue Reading →

Character Sketch: Rose Dion

Rose was born the first daughter of House Celeste four years before the start of the Good Revolution. House Celeste was one of two landholding powers in Auview Island. It had been the smaller of them, but not without considerable resources. During the revolution, the House’s few members were arrested on accusations that they had... Continue Reading →

Synopsis for Bells + Taxes

Here's the synopsis I've written so far for the Bells series. I'll probably change it three more times before I'm happy again. Always goes that way. The territory of Palmetto, ragged and mean, was once the banishing lands for the kings of the Old World. In that sea of hills they exiled their enemies, their... Continue Reading →

Royal Road

I started serializing on Royal Road last week. I'd heard the name for years but had never looked into it. After getting invited to the flop that was Kindle Vella, I learned that I enjoy releasing bits and pieces periodically. I don't know what it is I'm writing but it's leaning most to dystopian fantasy.... Continue Reading →

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