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  • Place Sketch: Endcliff

    Place Sketch: Endcliff

    An eccentric city and the oldest established in the Highlands departement, and one of the oldest in the country. The metropolis fans out from atop the precarious cliffs of Erise that overlook Auview Island. At the height of its autocratic rule Endcliff was renowned for its hanging vertical farms and advancements in philosophical mathematics. The…

  • Faction Sketch: House Cymbelline

    Faction Sketch: House Cymbelline

    The seated estate of Endcliff, the oldest metropolis in the Highland zone. The Cymbellines have historically been known as an eccentric and reclusive family. They have nonetheless been at the center of scandal and wild speculation. For several centuries, the odds of a Cymbelline reaching old age was nearly fifty-fifty. The house was plagued by…

  • Faction Sketch: House Silvia

    Faction Sketch: House Silvia

    House Silvia, who almost wasn’t, is the most controversial Old Family house in the Midland zone.  Before the Good Revolution, the House was most known for operating the largest and oldest charitable organization in the nation. The Order of Benevolent Strangers, a charter system of craft and research lodges, with a women’s auxiliary known as…

  • Place Sketch: Cruxham

    Place Sketch: Cruxham

    Cruxham is a small city sprawled over three hills. It is surrounded by the massive Cruxham timberlands, the largest and last remaining in the de-forested Lowlands zone. Unfortunately, the timberlands have not made Cruxham prosperous. Soft evergreens have few uses in building, certainly no high-value ones. Their primary use, and the region’s key export, is…

  • Character Sketch: Magdalinda Usher

    Character Sketch: Magdalinda Usher

    Magdalinda is the Dowager of House Usher. She may be the only member of the Ancient Regime whose lot was dramatically improved by the Good Revolution.  Magdalinda Usher was born to the lesser branch of House Usher. She grew up at the House’s Spital Fields estate a league away from the Cruxham seat. The First…

  • Character Sketch: Rose Dion

    Character Sketch: Rose Dion

    Rose was born the first daughter of House Celeste four years before the start of the Good Revolution. House Celeste was one of two landholding powers in Auview Island. It had been the smaller of them, but not without considerable resources. During the revolution, the House’s few members were arrested on accusations that they had…

  • Place Sketch: Fauxpool

    Place Sketch: Fauxpool

    A swampy heap that survives by the fame of its black markets. Fauxpool’s underdeveloped state offers advantages for such illicit trades that other locations fall short of. One of these is the number of its districts that are accessible only by narrow-boat and require a strong familiarity with the city’s winding ways.  Fauxpool’s architectural view…

  • Character Sketch: Paul Dion

    Character Sketch: Paul Dion

    House of Dion Paul Dion is the patriarch of the House of Dion. He is known most as the heir of the most ruined House in Palmetto.  The “Good Revolution” peaked when Paul was but four years old. When his family was incarcerated he was placed in the children’s holding facility on Auview Island. He…

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