The Thickness of the Upper Crust

An afternoon refresher of European history is enough to give an idea of how common inbreeding was among the world’s most prestigious families. Aristocratic bloodlines have the highest rates of traceable inbreeding, and the tradition can be found as early as the Medieval years when marriages between close relatives were common among the ruling elite. ... Continue Reading →

Deborah Davidson

Contemporary artist residing in California.  Davidson's art style is heavily influenced by nature and the environment around her. She draws inspiration from the shapes and forms found in landscapes, plants, and animals. Her artworks often feature abstract interpretations of these natural elements. One of Davidson's signature techniques is layering. She builds up multiple layers of... Continue Reading →

Character Sketch: Marty Silvia

Marty Silvia hails from a distinguished family and holds the esteemed position of the heir to the House Silvia. Given his privileged background, he was expected to conform to elevated standards right from his early years. His upbringing was a reflection of his status, characterized by a strict regimen and parental expectations that left no... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 19

Soft black case with press coverage. Diabetes blood pressure when you just start crying. Ecstasy, it is. Vomiting in the bestiary. Said very little. Don’t wake the server. One button to control or status quo? Because complacency is too big in local government. Your idea is hilarious. Anticipation made them sick. On the Baltic pine... Continue Reading →

Madame Bovary

Gustave Flaubert, 1856 The timeless tale of a neurotic housewife. The story was first released in serialized form in the Revue de Paris. It was attacked by the courts for obscenity and the resulting trial made the book all the more famous. The trial ended in acquittal and the full volume became a bestseller in... Continue Reading →

The Shakers

Or, The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. The Shakers originated in northwest England in 1747 as a millenarian restorationist sect. The group believed that they were living in the end times and that Christ had already returned to earth in the form of one of their founders. The name Shakers is a... Continue Reading →

Paul Benney

Self-taught Painter Born in London in May of 1959. Moved to New York City in the early eighties where he was a prominent figure in the downtown Neo-expressionist scene. Today his work is shown at the Met, the Brooklyn Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Whimsical and sublime, his paintings reward the attentive viewer.... Continue Reading →

Place Sketch: Old Citing Falls

A large metropolis of Lantern Parish. Its southeastern edge is marked by the Crown Lighthouse at Cape Rowdy. At the city center stands the historic Three Flowers Temple. Across the street is the Elizabet Greenhouse, one hundred acres in size and open to the public.  The city is financially well-off, but a tradition of corruption... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet no. 18

Then plan this week. A metaplastic metamorphoses in the pipeline. Creativity was a bad deal. And that seems right. Pussy to go! Anyone can post this question. The worker function must have fun. They can surely paint a wall near. Cervical spine instability due to longevity issue On save And retrieve your data, private! Dual... Continue Reading →

Seven Story Hotel

A new literary review from Subtle Body Press A dense collection beautifully devoid of ads and laced throughout with punkish collage art, scratchy illustrations, and some A.I. generated stuff that I found truly impressive. The collection kicks off with a poem and it’s a good one. Relatable, ethereal, and concise. What a poem should be... Continue Reading →

The Icarians

The Icarians were a 19th-century utopian society in France. The movement’s formation was inspired and encouraged by the writings of Etienne Cabet; a politician, writer, and irritator.  The Founding Before becoming a radical Cabet was born in Dijon in 1788. He grew up in a family of middle-class artisans. He became active in politics after... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 17

It swung open into the dangerous and underpaid. Network layer routing. Blank item only. What is so amazing about this? Your plainness and your working pressure. Some text about whatever topic you’re paying for. No objective available. I am naturally very curious. Hidden cams are the trending annoyance right now. Full reference lists are available.... Continue Reading →

Place Sketch: Endcliff

An eccentric city and the oldest established in the Highlands departement, and one of the oldest in the country. The metropolis fans out from atop the precarious cliffs of Erise that overlook Auview Island. At the height of its autocratic rule Endcliff was renowned for its hanging vertical farms and advancements in philosophical mathematics. The... Continue Reading →

Vladimir Kozhuhar

Contemporary painter and graphic artist. Born 1968 in Odessa. Kozhuhar's subjects depict everyday scenes of city life, sports, and eroticism. His painting have a refreshing lack of pretentiousness. The imagery is evocative, with the harsher edges of expressionism and the fluidity of classical impressionism.

The Beans of Egypt, Maine

Carolyn Chute, 1985 Ghosts bust up my house all the time. They don’t hurt me…but they keep me awake rollin’ them big Blue Hubbards around and smashin’ up glass. They get right under the sheets with me and run around in there under the sheets. Set in the impoverished hills of rural Maine in an... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 16

University governance has a last name. Design ‘em strong. Best reply ever. See collodion wet plate. Make a declaration match. Audacity is getting tough to call. Rapid thought and scientific literacy within an organization. Real tough choice for you? In the corner, drinking beer. The author, until his resignation becomes effective, Upon passage and approval.... Continue Reading →

Wild Europe: Search for the Black Nobility

I came across the term Black Nobility while reading a vintage conspiracy book that liked peppering in ominous names paired with sinister insinuations dastardly geopolitical deeds. There was little explanation of these spooky societies. Coincidentally I was also reading J.M. Roberts’ A History of Europe around the same time and had come across an entry... Continue Reading →

David Matingly

American illustrator, born June of 1956. Matingly got into art in childhood with matte painting, a discipline that was once used in film-making to create the illusion of environment. These were done using paints or pastels on large sheets of glass.  After dropping out of art school he took a job at Disney Studios. His... Continue Reading →

Faction Sketch: House Cymbelline

The seated estate of Endcliff, the oldest metropolis in the Highland zone. The Cymbellines have historically been known as an eccentric and reclusive family. They have nonetheless been at the center of scandal and wild speculation. For several centuries, the odds of a Cymbelline reaching old age was nearly fifty-fifty. The house was plagued by... Continue Reading →

The Song of Roland

The earliest known French epic poem, a literary form properly known as chanson de geste. The date of its origins is assumed to be somewhere between 1040 and 1115. The Song of Roland chronicles the story of a Frankish military leader in the Battle of Roncevaux Pass, a real event that occurred in 778.  Infamous... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Sonnet No. 15

Make silly a part-time lover. Executed by firing squad. The plain and understandable answer. I’ll return home from work after you drink enough water. Saving the world is a happier choice than you think. His logic is formed by the random people on the board. Disable target attribute of an airship shed. Discover global news... Continue Reading →

Ma Propre Merde.

A break from my betters. Showing off my own stuff for compliments, ridicule, or ambivalent crickets. I wasted some money on art school when I was super young. I dropped the habit after I dropped the school for the most part and didn't pick it up until a few years ago. Not from some bougie... Continue Reading →

The Finders

Founded sometime in the 1970s, the Finders was, and maybe still is, a mysterious little cult located in and around the Washington D.C. area.  "a 1980 Blue Dodge van bearing Virginia license number XHW-557, the inside of which was later described as foul-smelling filled with maps, books, letters, with a mattress situated to the rear... Continue Reading →

Winesburg, Ohio

Sherwood Anderson, 1919 In that high place in the darkness the two oddly sensitive human atoms held each other tightly and waited. In the mind of each was the same thought. "I have come to this lonely place and here is this other," was the substance of the thing felt. A composite novel whose stories... Continue Reading →

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